For Dali econ, Dali low-econ and Dali low-entry-econ care beds

Econ drive system

Most bed models in the Dali range are equipped with an electricity-saving 24-volt drive system as standard. In some countries, however, power plug standards apply that require the use of accessories in order to be compatible with the 24-volt system and its SwitchMode mains plug transformer. In this case, our Econ models with an alternative drive are an attractive, cost-effective choice.

The Dali low-econ budget-oriented low-height bed.

The Dali low-entry-econ low-height bed for ideal fall prevention.

Both the Dali and the Dali low-entry are available in the versions Dali econ and Dali low-entry-econ. The third model is the Dali low-econ, which does not exist in a 24-volt version.

The Econ drive system is available with many international power plugs.

All Econ beds have a safe, reliable and economical 230-volt drive. With matching selectable mains plugs, these care beds are ready for international use wherever they are needed. The Econ model handsets are connected to the bed with a cable in the usual way. The handset can be used to selectively lock and unlock all adjustment functions. The Dali-Lock app cannot be used with the Econ beds.

The wired handset of the Econ models can be attached flexibly to the safety side.