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General questions regarding care beds

Choose a care bed on our website that you would like to know the dimensions of. At the end of every product page, you will find the “Technical specifications”. Please click on the + sign on the "General information” tab. All bed dimensions will then be indicated.

On the product pages at www.burmeier.com and on the Stiegelmeyer-Group YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/StiegelmeyerEN

Technical questions regarding care beds

The statutory warranty is minimum 2 years from the date of purchase.

Each care bed comes with a printed instruction manual. Please keep this in a safe place. If the instruction manual is not available, you can download it from our website as a PDF file in the download area. Click here for bed finder.

The contact person for all service questions is the medical retailer in your medical supply store.

You can use commercial mattresses in the dimensions of the bed model. If you use extremely thick mattresses or stack mattresses on top of each other, it may be advisable to increase the height of the safety side with a clamp-on rail. Please do not use sprung mattresses. The minimum requirements for the mattress are described in the instruction manual. For particularly healthy, restful sleep we recommend our Burmeier mattresses. Find out more about them here.

In the case of Burmeier care beds with a 24-volt drive system, the power supply unit produces a protective extra-low voltage directly at the socket. This means that there are no components that carry 230 volts in the vicinity of the occupant. With this system, the bed remains de-energised when not in use and only 24 volts are required during operation, reducing overall energy consumption by up to 93%. In addition, leakage current measurements are not necessary beyond the expected life of the bed.

The lowest entry heights are offered by our Regia, Inovia and Dali models.

Many Burmeier beds - such as the Dali range, the Regia and the Inovia - can be brought into an optimal cardiac chair or sitting bed position with the help of the adjustable 4-section mattress base and the reverse-Trendelenburg position.

In the sitting position, people in need of care can participate in everyday life at eye level with other people.


Our standard mattress base dimensions are 90 x 200 cm. For people taller than 1.90 m, a bed extension that is available as an option is recommended. The Regia and Inovia beds with telescopic safety sides can even be extended to a length of 227 cm. If you wish for greater comfort in width, you will find models with widths of 100, 120 and 140 cm in our catalogue.

All electrically operated beds have a CPR release function. In the event of power supply outages or electrical drive system failures, the raised backrest can be lowered by hand. Additional information can be found in the instruction manual.