Stabile Pflegebetten der Westfalia-Serie von Burmeier

Westfalia range

Versatile possibilities – our Westfalia range turns personal wishes into reality

Beds in the Westfalia range combine high comfort, advanced safety and a stylish design that makes the occupant feel at home. The daily care routine becomes a pleasure.

Model facts

  • Chassis with a sturdy, elegant scissor mechanism
  • Height adjustment range 35 - 80 cm
  • Full-length safety sides
  • Safe 24-volt drive system

The advantages for you

STABILITY - Beds in the Westfalia range are an attractive alternative for users who prefer a stable, sleek and stylish scissor lift for height adjustment.

PERSONALISED DESIGN - There are several headboards and footboards to choose from with round posts or practical handle bars.

24-VOLT SYSTEM - No leakage current measurements are necessary beyond the expected service life of the bed.

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Model variants

Westfalia IV

  • The appealing bed
  • Mattress base 90 x 200 cm
  • Selectively lockable handset
  • Choice of attractive head and footboards


  • Westfalia-Klassik
  • The comfortable bed
  • The bars of the full-length safety side rest seamlessly on top of each other when the safety side is lowered
  • Central locking castors
  • Sliding backrest

Technical specifications

The following overview presents the technical data and equipment options for this model of bed. With a tailor-made configuration and visual design, and with suitable accessories, you can plan a bed that precisely matches your requirements and your home furnishings. Your area sales manager will be happy to inform you about all the options.

Westfalia IVWestfalia-Klassik
Mattress base in cm (mattress dimensions) in cm 90 x 200, 100 x 200 90 x 200
External dimensions in cm 10 x 212 (MB: 100 x 200), 100 x 212 (MB: 90 x 200) 102 x 208, 102 x 217
Bed extension in cm 20 20
Ground clearance in cm 16 14.5
Safe working load in kg 185 200
Total weight in kg 136 115
Maximum weight of patient in kg 145 160
Mattress base height in cm (from - to) 36 - 80 36 - 80
Auto contour adjustment / Fowler position
Manual CPR release of the backrest
Electrically adjustable
24-volt drive concept with external transformer
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available
Westfalia IVWestfalia-Klassik
Sprung wooden slats
Metal slats
Mattress base not dismantleable
Mattress base dismantleable
4-section mattress base
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available
Westfalia IVWestfalia-Klassik
Protective height of safety sides 37 37
Full-length safety side
Adaptable safety side (ASG)
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available
Westfalia IVWestfalia-Klassik
Castor diameter in mm 125 100
Castor braking, central
Castor braking, individually
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available
Westfalia IVWestfalia-Klassik
Topaz paint colour
Natural Beech decor (R 24010 VV)
Comodo with round posts
Primero with handle bar on head and footboard
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available
Westfalia IVWestfalia-Klassik
Handset with selective locking function
Selective locking feature
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available