Safe living at home

Easy Switch

The patented system for adaptable care beds with standard-compliant safety

Choose the Regia with the telescopic split safety side or without a safety side and benefit from our flexible Easy Switch system. The Easy Switch principle is as easy as it is impressive: The safety side elements, the headboard and footboard as well as the side panels can be attached and removed without tools. This is possible thanks to easy-to-use locks that snap into place securely and cannot be accidentally opened by the occupant. Headboards and footboards from the Nobla range and also panels are available as an option with attractive fabric or faux leather upholstery.

Thanks to the Easy Switch system, the Regia can easily be fitted any time with safety sides or a new look and adapted to your requirements. In this way, it becomes a bed that develops with you and supports you in every phase of your life. The removable safety sides are also quick to convert to whatever care situation may arise. They also make it considerably easier to assemble the bed.

Modular design for tool-free assembly

Replace headboards in seconds whenever required

  • Homelike design variants, with optional handle bars
  • Choice of attractive wood decors, fabrics and faux leather
  • Headboard, footboard and side panels freely combinable however you wish

Replacing or removing footboards

  • Removable headboard or footboard allows better access to the resident, e.g. for foot care
  • Choice between a high footboard for a feeling of security or a low footboard for an unobstructed view
  • Attractive wood decors, fabrics and faux leather options available

Attach or remove split safety sides as required

  • Two 90 and 110 cm elements can be freely combined or used separately
  • Use of only 110 cm safety side element at head end provides standard-compliant protection
  • Use of only 90 cm safety side element at head end provides reassurance and
  • orientation and leaves ample space to get in and out of bed

Easy Switch for added flexibility and safety

Safe living at home

Beds with Easy Switch meet the different protection needs of occupants and can be customised to suit any taste. The flexible safety side provides standard-compliant protection without restricting the mobility of the person in need of care.

All Easy Switch elements are inserted into the bed frame and attached with easy-to-operate locks.

Simply press the lock upwards.

The lock snaps into place securely – and the element is attached.

To release the fastening again, pull the orange safety catch towards you and press down on the lock.