Simply innovative – our 24 volt drive system

Operators of care beds are obliged to conduct leakage current testing at regular intervals and as part of the repeat inspections. The purpose of these measurements is to ensure that there is no 230 volt current on the metal frame of the care bed that could harm the occupant.

The leakage current measurements are a safety-related measure, especially in beds with conventional drive systems in which the 230 volt transformer is located beneath the mattress base frame. This also applies to beds with mains isolation, in which current only flows as long as a control pulse occurs.

The LINAK drive system

Working in partnership with the drive manufacturer LINAK, Burmeier has developed the electronic voltage transformer SwitchMode, which has been integrated into care beds for the first time. It offers an optimised safety standard. With the innovative LINAK 24 volt drive system, all live 230 volt components are kept away from the care bed.

Immediately downstream of the mains plug is a housing containing the SwitchMode electronic voltage transformer. This dispenses with the need for a mains cable to ensure optimum electrical safety for the occupants.

No leakage current measurement during the service life of the bed – and beyond

High level of safety, low costs and worry-free operation: With the original 24 volt system from Burmeier, you can leverage the strengths of your care bed even more effectively. Power consumption drops significantly compared to conventional systems.

Even more money and effort is saved by eliminating the need for leakage current measurements. Commercially-operated care beds would have to be tested for these every two years. Our 24 volt system prolongs this period to such an extent that no further measurements are necessary during and beyond the service life of the care bed. Please refer to the instruction manual for the length of this period.

No leakage current measurement is necessary prior to putting the bed into service for the first time as the drive has already been tested by the manufacturer. It is not necessary to have an electrically instructed person involved in assembling the bed.

The advantages at a glance

  • Maximum safety for occupants
  • No leakage current measurement during the service life of the bed - and beyond
  • First measurement already carried out by the manufacturer
  • Certified by TÜV Rheinland
  • Ergonomic handset with selective locking
  • Unless handset button is pressed, care bed has no electricity supply
  • No electrosmog around the care bed
  • No transformer on the floor
  • Also available with LINAK double actuators and an OpenBus drive system
  • Existing beds with the first generation 24 volt system can easily be upgraded using the SwitchMode voltage transformer; this also eliminates the need for leakage current testing
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