Also available as model variant for automated reprocessing

Lippe IV – for fitting to an existing bed

The Lippe IV bed insert can be easily fitted into an existing bed. Once in position, the comfort and height-adjustable range of 29 cm to 74 cm offer all the benefits of a modern care bed. Thanks to the 24 volt drive system, there is no further need for leakage current testing during or beyond the expected service life of the Lippe IV. This significantly reduces electricity costs and increases the safety of occupants.

The advantages

The Lippe IV offers occupants comfortable sleeping conditions.

The key points at a glance

  • Safe working load of 200 kg
  • 24 volt drive system as standard
  • Mattress base adjustable from 29 cm - 74 cm
  • With a width of 80 to 100 cm and a length of 180 to 200 cm, it fits nearly every bed
  • Diverse accessories available

Attention to detail

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