Dali-Wash – the machine-washable care bed

The Dali-Wash care bed is designed for conventional washing systems. With its CPD coating, this bed is ideally protected inside and out against corrosion. The special drill holes ensure that any remaining water can run off completely after the washing process. The warranty remains fully valid throughout. The 24 volt drive system is fitted as standard to enhance safety and save costs. No further leakage current testing is necessary during or beyond the expected service life of the bed.

The advantages

The Dali-Wash has been specifically designed for machine washing. This achieves an outstandingly high standard of hygiene.

The key points at a glance

  • Safety side protective height approx. 37 cm
  • Low-maintenance, durable LINAK drive system
  • 185 kg safe working load, 4-section mattress base, electrically adjustable
  • Handset with selective locking function
  • Extremely sturdy safety side construction

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