What matters for us

Burmeier attaches great importance to key values that withstand the test of time. With our consistent focus on customer expectations and our outstanding product quality, we work with passion and never fail to surprise people with our ideas and innovations.

This is equally true of our manufacturing and administrative staff as of our management and shareholders. All of them are directly involved in important projects and base their decision-making on sound information from their contact with customers and their knowledge of the production process. This is how we obtain lean management structures within our organisation, coupled with flexibility and efficiency.

The lines of communication are short and doors are always open, while personal commitment is expressly welcomed and promoted. We move with the times, set new trends and advance innovative developments. Customer-orientation is more than just a buzzword for us - it’s the very key to our success. Our beds and furniture are major investments for our customers and are intended for long-term use. Customers need time to consider their decisions and are not looking for “off the peg” products. Decision-making processes cannot be rushed, especially in view of the complexity of specification profiles. They call for individual solutions, which we are pleased to develop in partnership with customers.

We begin by listening, and then go on from there to develop tailor-made solutions. We benefit from our long experience and our commitment to working with institutions that test the ability of our innovations to withstand tough everyday routines.

Responsibility as a matter of principle

Virtually every form of productivity and consumption affects the environment – this is unavoidable within a cycle of economic activity. All we can do is to minimise the effects by the responsible use of resources and the environment.

Global warming with its harmful effects calls for a change in our thinking – not just by industry itself but by every one of us. A responsible attitude to the environment and the natural world is codified as a corporate objective of our company. 

Solar panels on the roof of our production buildings, the use of green electricity, and a company fleet with low emissions all play their part in helping to protect against climate change.

We live by these principles in our everyday life. Only by doing so are we able to shape the present and steer the right social and economic course for the future.

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