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Care Communication System — a new safety for care at home

Having a person at home in need of care changes the home routine fundamentally. Family members are often under constant pressure. Many barely get a moment's rest - and no truly refreshing sleep. Or they resort to liberty restricting measures which could otherwise be avoided. The new CCS  Care Communication System from Burmeier solves this dilemma with its innovative technology.

People in need of care and their families can finally feel safe – without extensive installation work or cables underfoot. The module with its integrated Out-of-Bed system also alerts carers when the person being cared for leaves the bed or returns to it. Caring in the home is easier and relatives gain renewed strength for the future with the CCS.

Care Communication System

CCM — The sturdy communications module

The CCM communications module is a sturdy box that is attached to the safety sides or to a holder on the bed insert. One press of the button and the person called receives a callback request on their smartphone or tablet.

The app — Staying informed all day

Whenever the occupant presses a button, the app sends an audible signal and a text message to the carer’s smartphone or telephony-capable tablet. With just a few touches, the carer can call back, announce his or her readiness to help, or forward the request to the next carer in the information chain.

The portal — Managing data securely

The portal is the CCS user interface on the internet. With its help, setting up the communication system is convenient and intuitive.
The medical equipment retailer provides the user with the access data needed.

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